Printmaking Saturday Workshop Etching Drypoint


Cost: £55.00

  Suitable for Beginners and Improvers

  Artist Materials Included

  3 Hours

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With Bill Chambers. Drypoint Etching workshop
This workshop is an introduction to intaglio printmaking through the technique of drypoint etching. Drypoint is a simple and direct etching process used by many renowned artists down the ages, from Goya and Rembrandt to Picasso. Participants will inscribe designs onto transparent plastic plates using a drawing or an image from which to trace. The workshop will then demonstrate the many different ways that the plate can be printed to produce colourful and striking artworks. Suitable for beginners.

These courses are ideal for anyone new to printmaking, or keen to practice different techniques. You will learn about many aspects of this artform, beloved by the greatest artists such as Rembrandt and Picasso. You will be introduced to working with the press, use of inks, rollers and tools. Each course is designed to offer the opportunity for creative exploration using age-old and modern techniques to enhance and energise your artworks. Courses will cover techniques such as Monotype, Drypoint etching, Chine Collé, Lino-cut, Paper making, Cyanotype and more.

You can join Termly courses (usually six weeks) on Thursday mornings at 10am-12.30pm. Or weekend individual workshops at 2pm-5pm on selected Saturdays throughout the year.

Materials are included for this course, although you are asked to bring a sketchbook and something to protect your clothes.